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Friday, August 28, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio Ask the Mayor - Park Permits for Youth Leagues

Lehrer: You have an announcement to make today that the city is going to start granting sports field permits for certain groups?

Mayor: That's exactly right. The folks from the sports leagues that do so much good with our kids, they've been appealing for the ability to open up. We're going to grant that. I think it's going to be September 15th, but we are working on the exact day. But what it means is Parks Department will provide permits for baseball, softball, soccer, flag football, non-contact lacrosse, and cricket, which is very popular in lot of our neighborhoods.

It will come with full adherence to State and World Health Organization guidelines. Face mask, whenever people can wear them, social distancing when not playing, limit on the number of spectators. We will keep allowing this as we stay under that three percent citywide test positive number.

Lehrer: Is this just for youth sports or also for some adult sports?

Mayor: The permits are just for the youth leagues, but any field that is not taken is, as always, available first-come first-serve to whoever comes upon it. So adults will still have those opportunities for the fields that are not reserved for youth leagues.

Now I'll also say bluntly, any league that doesn't follow the standards, we're going to have a three strikes and you're out. That if a league of teams in the league violate these standards and we see that happen three times, then that league will not be allowed to continue.
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