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Wednesday, August 26, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - J'ouvert Celebration on Labor Day Weekend Will Be Different

Question: My question involves the upcoming Labor Day weekend. There won't be a West Indian Day Parade per se, but what is happening with the J'ouvert celebration? And what are the plans to protect the public during those celebrations? Because in past years, there were corridors set up with barricades and lights. Given social distancing issues, will that be happening like that?

Mayor: I know that, as per usual, there has been clear, coordinated planning between community leaders and elected officials, clergy, and NYPD, all working together to keep those celebrations safe. Now this year is entirely different. You won't have the big organized events that are the core of all that. Everyone, I think, understands the danger of gatherings, but we still have to do important work to make sure people are safe in every sense.

How will this work on the street? Remember that not only the parade, one of the biggest events all year in New York City, but the J'ouvert celebrations had specific organized events within them. None of that is happening, obviously. It's a very, very different reality in terms of what normally draws people from all over the Tri-State area and specific events that people come for. You're not going to see that this year. Of course, considering it's a very, very important point in the year for folks from the Caribbean, you'll see some celebrations, I'm sure, but we have to make sure they're done safely. We'll get you an update on that in the next few days so you have a sense of how that's going to look.
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