COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-08-06

Thursday, August 6, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - Pay Off Rent Over Time

So many New Yorkers simply can't pay the rent. It's not their fault, that they didn't ask for a global pandemic, but if you don't get a paycheck, what are you going to do? The last number I heard was 1.3 million New York City residents had filed for unemployment benefits in the course of this crisis. And people are trying to get food, medicine, you name it. So, there have been eviction moratoriums over these last few months and that's been right because the last thing we want to see is a lot of people put out on the street, people flooding into our shelter system, but the eviction moratorium expired at midnight last night, and that is a huge problem for the people of New York City, and it must be addressed. I'm going to be calling upon our State government to create a new system to allow those who simply cannot pay for lack of income to be able to have a payment plan model that will take them into next year, allow them to pay off the rent over time when they finally have resources.

No one should be put out on the street because they literally can't pay. So, right now I want to tell all New Yorkers who are threatened with eviction, that if you need help, call 3-1-1, because we want to get you help. We can get you legal support and that really can help stop an eviction.
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