COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-07-26

Thursday, July 23, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - 21 to 30 Years Old Up Four Points

We are monitoring a second threat, which is the rising Covid rates among younger people. You look at the age brackets, it's basically flat or down except for one group: 21 to 30 years old. It has picked up four points; that is a significant increase in a short period of time, and we know why. You can see it on the news, you can see it in the newspapers, you can see it in social media. You get groups of young people, it's warm, they've been locked up for a long time, they like to socialize. You don't socially distance, you don't wear masks, the virus spreads, it is happening.

This is not the time to fight for your right to party. There is an attitude that young people are immune. You are not. 21 to 30, the virus can kill you and if it doesn't kill you, you can bring it home and give it to someone inadvertently and it can kill them. They are laboring under false pretenses and I've had dozens and dozens of conversations and I've heard the most inane responses. They just don't know the facts. They are dealing with assumptions that are just not true.

The local governments have to step up and do the enforcement job. I understand it's not politically popular. Some parts of the state, we have local health personnel who have gone in who have been accosted, but you have to enforce the law. Send them with a local policeman. If you need help, we'll get you help with the state police, but we have to enforce the law and the local governments have to do it. New York City, NYPD has to enforce the law, not just the Sheriff's Office. When New York City wants to enforce the law, you know who enforces it? The NYPD. State Liquor Authority and the State Police are going to step up their efforts dramatically, but they can't do it without the local police.
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