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Friday, July 17, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - A Second Wave is Almost Inevitable

What we're really looking at now is the potential of a second wave - not the second wave that we originally discussed. The second wave that we originally feared was from the theory of the 1918 pandemic where there was Phase One and then the virus mutated and came back in Phase Two. That's not what we're looking at here.

This second wave would be man-made, not made by Mother Nature. It would not be mutation of the virus. It would be a wave that comes from the West and the South, a southwesterly wave that comes back to New York from the increase in the other states. We are painfully aware now that an outbreak anywhere is an outbreak everywhere. That's the lesson this nation should have learned last December, that if the virus is in China it's a matter of days before the virus gets on an airplane and is in the United States or is in Europe.

The virus will get on a plane and will come to New York, or the virus will get in a car and will drive to New York, or the virus will get on a train and come into Penn Station in New York and that is almost inevitable.

The question is, can we control the viral spread coming into New York? I feel like we're standing on a beach and we're looking out at the sea and we see the second wave building in the distance, so I want all New Yorkers to be on high alert. The virus is spreading. It's all across the country. It's getting worse and it will have an effect on New York. How bad we don't know, but we cannot stop the virus at our borders. We're trying everything we can, we've quarantined, we have done a very good job at all the airports with police and the quarantine forms, but the virus will still get through the border. The only question is to what percent, the only question is how hard this hits.
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