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Wednesday, July 15, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - When Can New York City Expect to Enter Phase Four?

Question: I wanted to ask about Phase Four reopening. New York City is currently the only region in the state that's not entered the Phase and come Monday, we're approaching that two-week point that separated phases previously. So I wanted to know when we can expect to enter Phase Four, what are the metrics do we have to meet to do that?

Mayor: Phase Four is being deliberated right now between the city and the state. This one is a little more complicated for several reasons. First of all, some of Phase Four is already spoken for in that, for example, with the sports teams that are starting up without audiences, that's already been decided by the state. Other pieces of Phase Four have been spoken for to the other way. For example, a number of colleges and universities have already announced that they're not going to do in person classes or activities. So, this one's a little different from the other ones in that a number of pieces have already been determined, but at the same time, there's still a substantial amount of activity that needs to be adjudicated, and I know the state is looking at this the same way we are. We're looking at this national reality of the uptick. So we have to decide how we feel about the different pieces of Phase Four, and if we really are ready for Monday or a different approach or different timelines.

Question: Are there certain industries that you expect to be left out and will those be brought back in sort of a Phase Five?

Mayor: That's exactly the question we're deliberating. These phases I think are thoughtful, but they weren't handed down on stone tablets on a mountain top. They're based on what we're experiencing and we make adjustments as we go along. We may say for Phase Four, some things are going to float while we figure out what makes sense. But it's going to be specific to each of the pieces.
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