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Tuesday, July 14, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - Spike Among Young People

Question: I want to go back to one of the things you discussed yesterday, the spike that's been seen among young people. Have you done any analysis as to what might be driving that? Where these cases are being infected?

Mayor: You mean the 20-to-29 year olds?

Question: Yes.

Mayor: We are trying to figure out more. I do think we've seen this concern around the country. One question, of course, how much do people remember to stick to the rules? We've asked a lot of people with the face coverings, with the social distancing, the shelter in place, it's a lot, and let's face it, it's harder in many ways on younger people. I think that's some of what's happening here and elsewhere that we've got to double down our efforts to remind people they're far from impervious, and of course, it's not just their own health, it's the impact that could have on others around them. Dr. Varma, you want to add?

Senior Advisor Dr. Jay Varma: We haven't seen any particular pattern or connection between these cases that would explain the rise. What we have seen is that the pattern of cases doesn't exactly match the same pattern that we've seen before. So in other words, we're seeing cases in parts of Manhattan, in parts of Brooklyn, among that age group, that doesn't exactly overlay with our poverty and racial disparities that we've seen in the past. That would imply it really is closely related to all the things that we would expect, that people are now moving around more, they're now socializing more, and it really emphasizes the importance of strengthening those messages as the mayor said about wearing face coverings, staying away from large gatherings, keeping distance, and observing good hygiene.
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