COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-29

Tuesday, June 23, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - Alternate Side Parking Once a Week

We have to change the status quo on the biggest issues of fairness and justice and the everyday issues that affect you and your neighborhood on your block. Alternate side parking has been done the same way for a long, long time. We've made the decision throughout this crisis to very rarely have alternate side parking on. We have to rethink the whole model. One of the things that has frustrated me for years is the streets where people had to move their car, not once a week, but twice a week. We're about to make the biggest change in alternate side parking in the last two decades. We are now going to have a new rule where New Yorkers will only have to move their car once a week when alternate side parking is in effect. If you live on one of those blocks, you should only do it once a week, and it will be on the latest day posted on your street sign. We're going to do that for one week, see how it goes. We're going to watch this in the course of the summer, as we get on towards Labor Day, and see if this is something we can make a long-term new rule.
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