COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-11

Thursday, June 11, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - Look at Those that Test Positive

Daily test results by region, New York City, for example. Monday was 1.8. Tuesday was 1.5. Yesterday was one 1.7. Watch those daily numbers. There a certain bounce little high, little low. You're not dealing with the largest numbers in some of these locations. But you want to watch, you want to notice any trend line, you want to notice any bounce,and then you want to find out why, okay? Let's say you see a region going up. You then look at those people who were tested and see if you can find something out from those people who were tested. This is what the local officials should be doing. This is the testing and then there is tracing, right? So, New York City, they do tests, they find 200 people who were positive that day. The tracers then go back and look at those 200 people. What can we learn from those 200 people? Well, of the 200, 25 all work at this one place. Of the 200, ten were at the same party. Of the 200, 13 went to this restaurant. You look at those that test positive.
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