COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-09

Tuesday, June 9, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - We Can Have a Conversation Around Beaches and Pools

Question: I want to ask about the summer. Today could hit 90 degrees, it's possible in the afternoon. I'm wondering what progress you've made towards coming up with any plan to allow young people to either swim in a pool, swim at a beach, or get in a sprinkler?

Mayor: We've got to start with the things we know we can do. So, we talked about before, the additional sprinklers that we're going to set up in parks that, even under the current conditions of phase one, we can do in a safe and appropriate manner. So, there will be cooling for young people, cooling for older people that we talked about before the actions were taken with the air conditioners and cooling stations. But you raise a very important point about the beaches, the pools. We're now going to be reassessing everything. We're making some real progress. And I want to emphasize, with the coronavirus, no two days have been the same, we've had to always guard against the possibility that coronavirus was not being beaten back. We have to make sure it stays lower. If we can do that, then we're having a real conversation about beaches, for sure. If we can do that, there may even be a way to get back to pools. We're not there yet. If we had a resurgence the wrong way, then we're literally shutting down phase one and going back to fuller restrictions or worse. So, it's going to take a little patience, but, absolutely, we can have a conversation now with a little more opportunity to envision progress around beaches, a conversation around pools. I don't know if we'll get there, but at least we can at least begin that conversation now for the first time, based on what you saw today with those indicators.
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