COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-08

Monday, June 8, 2020, NYC Commissioner Jonnel Doris, Small Business Services - Call Our Restart Hotline

This is a day we've been waiting for. As businesses reopen, SBS is here to provide the resources and services that they need. We have instituted a hotline that is critical for our small businesses. If you have questions and need one-on-one assistance, call our Restart Hotline at 888-SBS-4NYC, that's 888-727-4692. Since launching this hotline on Friday, we have had over 500 businesses call in with multiple issues that we've been able to resolve for them.

If you need face coverings for yourself and your employees, you can visit us We have a map of 70 locations where we distributed two million face masks for our small businesses and their employees. For instance, if you're in Brooklyn, you can go to the Brooklyn Chamber. If you’re in Chinatown, you can go to Chinatown BID or to the Chinatown Partnership. If you’re in Queens, you can go to the Woodhaven BID or the Queens Chamber. If you're in the Bronx, you can visit the Fordham BID. Staten Island, Staten Island Chamber of Commerce, and so on. There's a map. If you're looking for specific guidance, City and State regulations for reopening, again, you can see that on our website or call our hotline.

If you need additional support and you need to have a training session or for your employees or for yourselves, we do have training and resource fairs available where multiple agencies are there to assist you. Again, you can get that information from our hotline. And lastly, if you need capital, if you need financial support as a small business to get you going, we help you as well. We have federal, State, and City funding available and we want to make sure that you're able to get those resources.
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