COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-04

Thursday, June 4, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - If You Went to a Protest, Get a Test, Tell People, Act as if You May Have Been Exposed

The protestors could actually compound this situation. You look at videos as I look at the video. Many of them wear masks, thank God, but there's no social distancing. You look at the encounters with the police, the police are right in their face, they're right in the face of the police.

Twenty thousand protestors in New York City. Yes, they're young people and they're superheroes and nothing can affect me. We're going to open the testing facilities for all people who were at a protest. The super-spreader, super spreader is what happened to us in New Rochelle, Westchester, where we had the first hotspot. One person can infect hundreds. If you were at a protest, go get a test, please. The protesters have a civic duty here also. Go to the website and find out the testing site nearest you.

Wear a mask and tell people that you may have been exposed to Covid. If you were at one of those protests, I would, out of an abundance of caution, assume that you are infected. When you go home, tell your parents, your sister, your brother who may not be 25 years old and consider themselves a superhero. Tell people, I may have been exposed and act like you may have been exposed. Because by the way, you may have been exposed and you're not worried about yourself, that's a different conversation. Worry about your 55-year-old grandfather or your 62-year-old grandmother or your 60-year-old parent or uncle or aunt. They can die from this virus. By the way, you could, too, but that's a separate conversation.

Also, there's a lag in the numbers, remember. If someone goes to a protest last night and they get infected, you don't find out today, you don't find out tomorrow, you don't find out next day. It can be four or five days until any symptoms show. Symptoms may never show, right? Asymptomatic transfer. If you're really seriously ill, you may be in a hospital in eight to 12 days. Eight to 12 days is a long time when we are measuring day to day to decide what to do. You saw the difference in the numbers and two weeks is a lifetime in the numbers. So if you have a viral spread through these protests we are not going to see it in the numbers for a while. In the meantime, we are making all these decisions on reopening so it is important that people act responsibly for themselves. If you went to a protest, get a test, tell people, act as if you may have been exposed.
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