COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-03

March 30, 2020, Holocaust Survivor Jacob Solome - What We Are Doing Now is a Luxury

Jack: We didn't go out because we couldn't. It was a farmer who was hiding us. He had built something under the floor, where the moments we felt there was somebody coming from the outside we would hide. There was always somebody at the window watching. At times, we were 15 people in the small hole there; if they would find us, they would shoot all of us. We had situations like that for the whole two years.

Irin: You didn't have Netflix and Disney+ in that Polish farmhouse, did you?

Jack: No, we did not have that. But it was not boring because we were always on watch.

Irin: So you wouldn't compare it to what we're doing now?

Jack: What we are doing now is a luxury.

Interviewed by Irin Carmon
Edited for redundancy, grammar, and emphasis
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