COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-06-02

Tuesday, June 2, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - We Have a Lot to Do

We have multiple crises that are colliding and that creates confusion and disorientation, and that's where we are now. We have the COVID crisis that is still going on. At the same time, we have a new crisis, which is the civil unrest from the murder of Mr. Floyd. And then, to further compound the situation, you have an environment that is racially charged and politically charged. So you're trying to deal with these two situations, which are very different in the middle of a dynamic in this country of racial division and a hyper-political environment and a nation that is more divided than it has been at any time in my lifetime. So what do we do?

We first take a step back, gain some perspective and separate the issues. You want to solve a problem? Let's understand what we're trying to solve for first. COVID-19, let's take that issue and pull it out. On the COVID-19 issue, New York City's on track, in the midst of all of this, to open Phase I next Monday. So that's the COVID situation. That's going very well.

Civil unrest post Mr. Floyd's killing. That's also a complex situation with a number of levels. You have protestors who are outraged at what has happened. And you have criminal activity, looting, extremist groups who are using this moment for their own purposes and exploiting this movement and moment. Two very different things. On the protesters, they're outraged. And by the way, I agree with them.

They don't want to hear about COVID anymore. COVID is yesterday's news. No, COVID is still a problem. And COVID still kills also. So be mindful and respective of that. But look, it is a tough moment. There is no doubt, but there's also no doubt that we have gone through many tough moments in this state and in this country. And we've gone through many long nights and we've dealt with many problems. We've dealt with this COVID virus, which frankly is one of the most frightening challenges that we have confronted. And we have a lot to do.
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