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Tuesday, May 19, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio and School Chancellor Carranza - Summer Learning Will Take Place

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza: We are ensuring that our students will get the support and instruction they need this summer to continue learning. Learning will take place remotely, and is organized to account for different grade bands.

For our students in grades three through eight, summer learning will take place four days a week for a total of six weeks. This will either be on a required or recommended basis, and that is because teachers will make the determination based on each student's full year of progress. Summer learning will be geared towards the academic success of students who need additional supports to meet standards. Teachers will communicate with families, whether their student is required to participate in summer learning in order to be promoted in August or recommended to participate to ensure they've achieved mastery of the standards. Students will also have check-ins with guidance counselors so that someone is always keeping a pulse on how they are doing in this remote learning environment.

In grades nine through twelve, for our high schoolers, the schedule for summer learning will be five days per week, for a total of six weeks. Students will have up to five hours of instruction daily in subjects they received a course in progress mark for, or if they failed in a prior semester. Like elementary and middle school students, these students will also have one on one check-ins and important enrichment activities as well.

For students with disabilities. Our students with 12-month individual education plans will receive instruction and related services five days a week for a total of six weeks. Students will also get daily instruction and related services that are aligned to their individual education plan and remote learning plan. Students will also have check-ins with counselors and with other staff so that someone is always keeping a pulse on how they are doing as well in this remote learning environment. These students will also enjoy the same opportunities for virtual field trips, social emotional learning activities. Mayor de Blasio:I'm going to give you a beginning of some of the ideas we have about how to address the summer and the needs of our young people. There'll be much more to say in the coming weeks. Virtual field trips is something that offers kids a whole opportunity to see things that they care about and want to learn about. New educational programming on TV, radio, as well as online eBooks being made available with lesson plans, all sorts of things that will help young people want to engage in different ways and who need to engage to continue their learning. And then there'll be more structured activities virtual clubs, ways of bringing kids together where there's a social element, where they're connecting with other young people, but in a safe manner. We're working with museums, we're working with libraries, we're working with the private sector to come up with more and more engaging ideas and a lot of people want to help our young people. Ive talked to a lot of folks in the media and entertainment world, they want to help provide new and better options for our young people. Much more to say in the next few weeks, but we're going to provide a rich range of options and safe options for our young people.
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