COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-05-19

Friday, May 15, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - The Facts Have Only Been Getting More Negative

With this virus, the facts here have been changing. And the facts have only been getting more negative. This started that it was only going to attack vulnerable people, seniors, people with co-morbidities. I was speaking to a doctor today about a young person who passed away of a stroke from COVID, no underlying conditions, nothing else. It was a stroke, no respiratory illness. Well, what happened? Well, apparently the virus can affect the heart, and the liver, and other organs besides the lungs. And we didn't know that.

Children weren't going to be infected. Well, except now weíre studying a hundred cases where children are in fact affected by the virus, and some of them very serious. And that 100 cases, I'll wager thatís going to only go up. And it's going to be much more widespread than anyone thinks. So, the amount of personal responsibility here to keep oneself safe, to keep oneís family safe, I cannot stress highly enough.

Do not underestimate this virus and do not play with this virus. I can be asymptomatic and not know that I have the virus, but I can put my hand down on this table today, you can come touch this table three hours from now, and pick up the virus. I can walk into a store to pick up a package, not know that I have the virus, put my hand on a stainless steel counter. You can come in the store the next day, put your hand on that counter, and pick up the virus. I donít care how diligent the store owner is and how many masks do you wear, that's how powerful this virus is.

Well, it's only old people. No. Tell that to the families who have an eight year old and seven year old in the hospital. Tell that to the 21 year old girl's family where the 21 year old girl passed away. Everyone is vulnerable to this virus, everyone. And government can't keep you safe. Only you can keep yourself safe. But, when you keep yourself safe, and I keep myself safe, that's the way we keep all of us safe.
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