COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-04-09

Thursday, April 9, 2020, NYC Mayor de Blasio - If You See Anything Where Social Distancing is Not Being Practiced, Call 311 Right Away

If you see a store that's overcrowded or you see a line that's close together, not distanced each person six feet apart. If you see anything where social distancing is not being practiced, call 311 right away and NYPD or other agencies will come there quickly and make things right. But the fact is the NYPD, the FDNY, the Buildings Department, the Sheriff's Office, the Parks Department, they've all been out there doing enforcement and what they're finding time and time again is a very high level of compliance with the rules of social distancing. And they’re finding that, yeah, sometimes people need to be reminded, particularly younger people, that's not a shock. Teenagers having to be reminded to follow the rules, for all of us who are parents, that's something we're very, very used to. That's something we did or do every single day in dealing with teenagers. I certainly did and Chirlane did when we were bringing up our children. So, it's not a surprise that all the adults in the lives of our young people have to remind them constantly to follow the rules. And that our enforcement officers go out and see people of any age, they're going to have to remind them, particularly younger people.

But what we're finding is when the police show up or any of the other agencies, the reminder is working, the warning is working. We're not in a situation where we have to give a huge number of fines, but we do need people to call 311 the second you see it. Anyone who is frustrated, angry, or they see a lack of social distancing, or they see people crowding. You know what? Don't be angry. Just pick up the phone. Now you can still be angry, but the most important is don't be angry and hold it into yourself. Act on it. If you really believe it's a problem, and you don't make that call, then I have to say, I guess you don't think it's that much of a problem. So seriously, all it takes is a call to 311 and then help will be sent immediately. This is a highest priority for the NYPD and all the enforcement agencies to get this right.

There's always the danger that people start to relax a little bit and you see the disease start to come back and then you have to fight it back. Our job is to try and make it as straight a line as possible; to stay focused, stay disciplined, practice whatever the standards are at that time and practice them really well and enforce them. And that's where all of us - I keep saying that this is participatory - everyone's in it, but the government, this is a piece where the government 100 percent has to always create the right kind of enforcement. And that's my job and the job of all my colleagues, but we need you always. Again, if you see it, call 3-1-1. We used to talk about in the fight against terror; if you see something, say something. Well for right now the enemy is a disease; the terrorist is a disease and if you see something, call it in immediately. Crowding helps this disease to grow and where people are not social distancing, the disease grows. We need you to call 3-1-1. Just call. Don't even think about, just call, report it and help will come right away. That is something I'm guaranteeing and if there's any place where it doesn't come, I will deal with that agency or that official who didn't get the help where we needed it. So, I need the report so I can protect you.
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