COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-04-03

Thursday, April 2, 2020, Christopher Cuomo - A Lot of People are Fighting This Alone, I Can't Imagine That

I'm doing pretty well all things considered. It's been very tough. I get it now. I've now become part of this group of people who have this virus and they're reaching out to friends and people who are new friends. They have this 5, 8, 10-day constant virus, constant fever and it's tough. It's going to be a long slog. Now that I know the fight that I'm in for, I'm more comfortable and I've learned that I see why it takes people out. You have got to rest because your body has the fever because it's fighting the virus, and you've got to chill.

I'm very lucky; I have a wife who loves me, who's keeping me fed. I got a nice place to be, millions of people don't. You've been very smart, Andrew, getting people to think about how they can reach out and help people without contact. A lot of people are fighting this alone, and I can't imagine that. I can barely, you know, keep it together and I have everything done for me. I'm very lucky. There are a lot of people who are in a bad way, and they're reaching out and I feel for them. So, we're in a real fight and we really do have to remember our connections to each other because otherwise there would be no way through.
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