COVID-19: NYC Quote of the Day 2020-04-02

Thursday, April 2, 2020, NYS Gov. Cuomo - 21,000 Health Care Workers Have Volunteered From Out-of-State to Come into New York State

On the staff, we're continuing to shift staff from the upstate hospitals that are less impacted to downstate hospitals. We've requested out-of-state health care workers. God bless America, 21,000 people have volunteered from out-of-state to come into New York State. I thank them. I thank their patriotism. I thank their dedication and passion to their mission of public health. These are beautiful, generous people. And New Yorkers will return the favor. This is going to affect every place in this country. We are, in some ways, the first major encounter. We're learning. We'll get the experience. And we will return the favor.

When your community needs help, New Yorkers will be there. And you have my personal word on that. And it's also the New York tradition. When there's been a hurricane or there's been a flood or Hurricane Katrina, New Yorkers are the first ones in their cars to go anywhere in this nation that needs help. And I will be the first one in my car to go wherever this nation needs help as soon as we get past this. I will never forget how people across this country came to the aid of New Yorkers when they needed it. And I deeply appreciate it. We have 85,000 volunteers now in total, which are being deployed to the hospitals so they can find staff that works for them.
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